Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Social networks for Haters and the Karma Police

Totally odd premise for a social network site (based out of Pahrump, NV?) that is attempting to manage social karma called ventma.com by inviting the public to identify whistle blowers, call out sneaks or shall we say liars, cheaters, grifters, rapscallions, scallywags, scoundrels, shysters, sneaks, etc. Really for those folks who walk on water but on the other hand an attempt to socially level the playing field in this new age of transparency. If you're called out there seems to be a option to defend yourself. Booya for the haters and the over conscious social well adjusted individuals who always gotta be right. Some of the counter points for keeping lets say marijuana illegal, idiot managers, and are juvenile so if you're looking to get into a argument this is the place to do it. People can list their un-interests and of course see what Ventma's CEO Ryan Breen's life philosophy which is kind of short dude and not so revealing. Here's their over all premise:
All the social networking sites today are for finding and making friends. But lets be real, not everything in life is honky dory. The economy, the weather, greed, deception are all too real in today’s world. Because of these things, people act out in many ways. Some violent by action, some verbal and some self inflicted. All of these are a result from bottled up emotions. What if these people had an outlet to diffuse their anger before it came to that? We hope that as a result of Ventma.com we can accomplish just that. Even if we help just a few people this way, we will be satisfied.

They are looking PHP and Flash Developers as I guess the Hindi company they hired to do some of their work did not have karma on their side. I did find various bugs for the login and lost pw process which is problematic as could not login (PC/Firefox/Flash10)! I was seriously going to post about U.S. Companies outsourcing work to other countries in these messed economic times. Ahhh, that does feel better see! Support America's work force dummies that site would have been working properly or they should give me buzz and I can have my guys fix this site in a jiffy.

I much preferred hatebook.org when it was still active because there was no privacy at all. Everything you posted or emailed to another individual was open to all users. They say they are coming back but we'll see what happens. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with being straight up hater for everything even things we know are right. There I go being all socially pompous.

Download some hate:
Liar - Built to Spill - mp3 from you in reverse
Cheater - Bubblegum Thunder
Hateful - The Clash - London Calling
Hate Paste - Archers of Loaf

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