Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Purchase: Seagull Coastline Grand parlor guitar

This weekend was the close of a much overdue vacation to the Hampton's. Sounds fancy I know. Last year we stayed here I eyed an interesting weathered looking spot called the Hampton Music and Arts. I suspected there would be some interesting finds inside and a year later I was right. On the walls I spotted a vintage (not for sale) Jaguar and old Gibson hollow body but this time around i had an agenda. starving for traveling six string the guy running the place introduced me to Seagull guitars from the Village of LaPatrie, Quebec. I played some of the cheaper things in the store and then he pulled this parlor guitar out after we had a conversation about the sound of the weirder looking traveling guitars. the price was about 125 out of the range that I wanted to spend but a couple strums and I was sold. I'm a simple and easy guy. The Coastline Cedar Grand is beautifully crafted and detailed. I should have you know for something this compact it sounds very warm and big for it's size. You should know I am Martin D15 guy who's been playing for a long time and yet this one is going to be the gitter I bring on vacation. Thanks Seagull.

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